What is Referally?

Partner with Referally to generate more sales through word-of-mouth.

“Which chair is best for WFH?”

“Which credit card do you use for cashback?”

When your friends and family ask you for recommendations, you reply to them readily because you care. You don’t get money for it, but we (and the brands we work with) think that you should be rewarded!

Referally is a social referral platform where you can recommend brands and products to your friends and family via chat and social media, and earn a referral fee each time someone transacts or signs up using your referral link.

3 simple steps

Additional ways to earn


Find your favorite brand or product among our active campaigns. Share the campaign to friends using existing content from the brand and community. Or create your own content to add a personal touch.

Additional ways to earn


Share the campaign over chat or social media. Remember to include your unique link and remind your friends and family to use it so that we can track your referrals.

Additional ways to earn


Sit back and relax! Referally tracks your referrals, so you just need to watch your earnings grow as your friends and family take up your recommendations.

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